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Welcome to the LeanIX Product Documentation. Here you will find all the basic information you need to start working with LeanIX. We provide you with well-structured information on how to get more out of LeanIX, best-practices and use-case specific guidelines. Feel free to spread this product documentation in your company and use it as a common information source to answer your colleagues’ most urgent questions.

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LeanIX Standard Integrations

In this section, you have the possibility to integrate supporting applications. If you want to integrate Signavio or Technopedia feel free to contact the LeanIX-Support and we will help you to integrate it to your LeanIX Pathfinder.

Signavio: Signavio is a web-based tool for business process management. Connect it with LeanIX in order to link your application portfolio to business processes. The new integration 2.0 now allows mapping further Fact Sheets to Glossary items in Signavio.

Technopedia: Technopedia categorizes and aligns hardware and software products to deliver consistent, accurate and business-relevant information. Using the integration with LeanIX you can link IT Components to Technopedia entries in order to use the vendor lifecycle information.



If you want to add Signavio or Flexera (Technopedia) capabilities to your edition, please contact your Customer Success Manager or [email protected]

See more details on our website: Out-of-the-box-integration of EA and BPM

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Build your ecosystem for modern IT Management

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