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LeanIX Cloud Native Suite

LeanIX Cloud Native Suite is our solution for an automated and comprehensive view of multi-cloud environments at an enterprise scale.

Overview of the Cloud Native Suite

As the IT infrastructure progressively moves toward the cloud, enterprises need to understand not only the business value of developing and deploying cloud native applications but also how to deal with the strategic IT management challenges in the multi-cloud and hybrid cloud environments. These are the challenges that the LeanIX Cloud Native Suite provides solutions for.

The Cloud Native Suite includes:

Cloud Intelligence

Microservices Intelligence

SaaS Intelligence

At this time Cloud Intelligence is available while Microservices and SaaS Intelligence are on the Product Roadmap.

LeanIX Cloud Native Suite

Cloud Intelligence Overview

Cloud Intelligence is part of the LeanIX Cloud Native Suite. It discovers Cloud Components from AWS, Azure and GCP in an automatic fashion and imports these into a LeanIX workspace. This enables you to increase agility, manage cloud-specific security and governance, and create transparency about cloud spend. This is especially important for multi-cloud environments. The data from the Cloud Intelligence workspace can be aggregated, distilled, and automatically synchronized into a LeanIX Enterprise Architecture workspace.

How Does Cloud Intelligence Work

LeanIX uses Cloudockit as a strategic partner to scan information from the hyperscalers. The following diagram depicts the high-level architecture which heavily depends on the LeanIX Integration API.

Architecture for Cloud Intelligence

One Unified Platform

Cloud Intelligence is built upon the same Platform Capabilities as the EA Suite. This means that the user interface, Diagrams and Reports, LeanIX Smart Xplore, Configurable Data Model and much more are also built into the Cloud Intelligence workspace. As such the barrier to entry for those users who are already familiar with the EA Suite is very low. In addition, as new functionalities and advancements are made in one product - as it is suitable, these same developments are also translated to the other product.

Cloud Intelligence Integration with EA Suite

Cloud provides an automatic integration from your Cloud Intelligence workspace into your EA Suite. This supplies strategic information with a view on what is important for the EA users to know regarding Cloud, this integration provides a more complete picture within your EA workspace.

Integration between your Cloud Intelligence workspace and the EA Suite

Learn More About Cloud Intelligence

For technical information regarding Cloud Intelligence, please see https://dev.leanix.net/docs/cloud-intelligence .

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LeanIX Cloud Native Suite

LeanIX Cloud Native Suite is our solution for an automated and comprehensive view of multi-cloud environments at an enterprise scale.

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