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Welcome to the LeanIX Product Documentation. Here you will find all the basic information you need to start working with LeanIX. Besides that, we provide well-structured information on how to get more out of LeanIX, best-practices, and use-case specific guidelines. Feel free to spread this product documentation in your company and use it as a common information source to answer your colleagues’ most urgent questions.

Get Started

Getting started

This section will give you an overview of the LeanIX structure on the highest level. Besides that, you will know all necessary features to manage your user account.

Navigating in LeanIX

In this section we provide you an overview on how to get along in LeanIX.

The LeanIX home screen gives you easy access to some key functionalities. It contains the major navigation panel (on top), general information about your factsheets, and a Support Button that you will find on any screen within LeanIX.


Home: Leads you to the home screen you can see above


Inventory: Leads you to the Inventory where you can access and modify all Fact Sheets within your Workspace


Reporting: Provides access to LeanIX' Report area that allows you to visualize the information from the Inventory in Best Practice formats as well as indivdual reports


Jump to a Fact Sheet: Offers full text search to find any Fact Sheet in the inventory or jump directly to a Fact Sheet.


Invite: Allows you to ask other users to join LeanIX


Admin: On the very right you find a drop down to access your profile and the administration area as well as the options to logout or switch workspace


Cockpit: The cockpit provides a comprehensive view on the most important information of your fact sheets


Support: If you need any kind of help using LeanIX, the Support button gives you the chance to contact the LeanIX-Support directly.

Invite other Users to LeanIX

If you want to invite other users to the LeanIX workspace, you need to click on the Invite Button on the upper right side of your home screen.

Here you need to type in the email address of the user you want to invite and select the User Rights. You can choose between Viewer, Member, and Admin.

At the end, you can write an invitation message to the user. You can use the precast message or write an own and personal one. When you are finished you need to click on the Invite Button and an E-Mail automatically goes to the user you invited.

After the invitee clicked on the link in the e-mail, LeanIX will guide him/her through the registration process. If the invitee is already a member of an existing workspace, he/she can use his/her existing credentials.

Update Your Profile

A basic step before starting to work is to check your profile and choose a profile picture.

You are also able to see the date of your last login and your current User Role. By default the following User Roles are available:

  • Admin: Has permission to configure the workspace
  • Member: Has permission to update all information in the Fact Sheets
  • Viewer: Has permission to read information and to add comments

Reset your Password

If you want to reset your password you need to click on the profile picture at the upper right corner and select "My Settings". Then you need to select "Password" in the left menu bar. Here you can choose a new password. Click on Change Password to save the new password for your LeanIX Pathfinder.


Further, you can set individual notifications to be automatically informed via Mail, e.g. if a new Fact Sheet has been created, a lifecycle of a Fact Sheet has entered the next phase or another user commented on a Fact Sheet you are subscribed to.

Notification are a powerful tool to keep track of your Data Quality and enable collaboration within the tool. Thus we recommend to keep notifications active until you developed a good feeling working with LeanIX.


Above we just show some basic administrative features. We will shortly present our Admin need to know to find in-depth information on managing your workspace.

Getting started

This section will give you an overview of the LeanIX structure on the highest level. Besides that, you will know all necessary features to manage your user account.

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